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ST - SC Duplex 86x86 ST - SC Duplex 86x86
UTP Test Device UTP Test Device
Impact Tool Impact Tool
RJ-45 Crimp Tool RJ-45 Crimp Tool
Epoxy Glue Kit Epoxy Glue Kit
Polishing Film Polishing Film
Fiber Optic Stipper Fiber Optic Stipper
İdeal 100x Microscope İdeal 100x Microscope
Cable Organizer Cable Organizer
Connector Connector
86X86 Back Box 86X86 Back Box
2 Port 86x86 Frame 2 Port 86x86 Frame
1 Port 86X86 Frame 1 Port 86X86 Frame
1 Port Surface Mount Box 1 Port Surface Mount Box
2 Port Surface Mount Box 2 Port Surface Mount Box
1 Port 22,5x45 Faceplate 1 Port 22,5x45 Faceplate
2 Port 45x45 Faceplate 2 Port 45x45 Faceplate
1 Port 45x45 Faceplate 1 Port 45x45 Faceplate
CAT6 UTP Keystone Jack 110IDC T568A/B CAT6 UTP Keystone Jack 110IDC T568A/B
CAT6 UTP Keystone Jack 110IDC T568A/B CAT6 UTP Keystone Jack 110IDC T568A/B

Central Tube
Fiber Optic Cables

Part Number : RNM-10101
  • Indoor/Outdoor type central tube optical cables are applied to indoor/outdoor installation.
  • Performance and durability in several environments.
  • These types of cables are designed for indoor/outdoor application and also to protect

ST-SC Duplex 86x86
Face Plate

Part Number : RNM-8686
  • ST Duplex 86x86 Face Plate
    (Available use 45x45)
  • SC Duplex 86x86 Face Plate
    (Available use 45x45)
  • 86X86 Back Box

24 Port ST Fiber Optic
Wall Mount

Part Number : RNM-240039D
  • 24 Port ST Fiber Connector Panel, Multi functional, modular structure
  • Easy Cable entry and out place, Lockable cover
  • Bolts and nuts on internal surface for cassette connection

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4 Port SC Dublex Fiber
Optik Sonlandırma Kutusu

Ürün Kodu : RNM-400045D
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50/125 Micron Multimode
Fiber Optik Patch Cord

Ürün Kodu : RNM-210202
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Fiber Optic Adaptör

Ürün Kodu : RNM-20100
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Part Number : OM610-1V↑1D↓WT/R
  • Complete SMD components, 18 inches duralumin chassis, and standalone case
  • Perfect signal indicator for optical, video, data, audio, telephone, Ethernet, binary input/output and power supply
  • Abundant signal interface, such as video, data, audio, telephone, Ethernet, binary input/output and talkback


Part Number : OM610-8V↑1D↓WT/R
  • OLYCOM Digital Video Multiplxers adopt complete digital fiber transmitting mode, it can transmit more than 100 channels digital video
  • High-fidelity audio, telephone and low rate data(such as RS232, RS422, RS485
  • Complete digital technology of video insures that the video signals can be transmitted long distance without any waste


Part Number : OM1916
  • The rack mount network management optical fiber media converter is specially designed for the construction demand for wide range optical fiber network
  • 2U rack mount central system with centralized management, which can be installed to the standard 19’’ cabinet. The rack can hold
  • OM1916 series provides two options- network management engine case and non- network management engine case

8 Port Web/Smart 1000Base-T
2 Port SFP Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Part Number: GSD-802S
  • Utilizing a compact form factor which can be mounted in a 10/19-inch rack with optional rack-mounting kits.
  • 8-Port 10/100/1000Mbps copper ports and 2 SFP slots.
  • Prevents packet loss with back pressure (Half-Duplex) and 802.3x PAUSE frame flow control (Full-Duplex)

24 Port 10/100Base-TX + 2 Port 10/100/1000Base-T
Mini Gbic SFP Web Smart Switch

Part Number : FGSW-2620CS
  • The FGSW-2620CS provides 24 Fast Ethernet ports and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and offers wire-speed packet transfer performance without risks of packet loss.
  • It is equipped with non-blocking 8.8Gbps backplane; greatly simplifies the tasks of upgrading your LAN for catering to increasing bandwidth demands.
  • The high data throughput makes the FGSW-2620CS ideal for most Gigabit environments

Wireless Access Point
with POE

Part Number:WNAP-1120PE
  • PoE Access Point and backward compatible with 802.11b/g.
  • The transmitting data rate can be up to 300Mbps. The 11n PoE AP features radio in 2x2 (TX/RX) of intelligent antennas offering high performance and enhances superior coverage range.
  • Farther coverage, less dead spaces and higher throughput with 802.11n technology

Rack Cabinets

Part Number: RNM42U8100 - RNM47U8100
  • Front door has avented steal frame with rounded metal grillwork provide perfect air-conditioning of the cabinet with turning lever lock and three point locking.
  • The SERVERmax is highly-configurable to the end-users requirements and provides unique features to benefit system designers, installers and network managers.
  • Front and rear door can be replaced that gives you flexibility for different installations.

19” Free
Standing Cabinet

Part Number: RNM26U66 - RNM47U6100
  • Front door features a full-length smoked and shatterproof glass door with decorative accent trim reinforced with left/right metal frames and integral locking mechanism.
  • Secure, locking front and back doors with spring loaded hinges offer best accessibility even when connecting the cabinets.
  • All giving you 4-way access to equipment. Front and rear door can be replaced that gives you flexibilty for different installations.

19” Wall Mounting

Part Number: RNM07U45 - RNM20U56
  • Rigid welded frame construction is in steel sheet. Corner of bases have welded sockets on each corner that tightly fixed into the clumns
  • Side doors; lockable, removable complete with a locks. Rear door; mechannically lockable, removable it is used as mounting plate at the same time.
  • When it is used, it is replaced with on of top/bottom rubber edge sliding cover mechanism.

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